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Fill out our form if you're interested in receiving free digital art of your pet!


Digital Pet Portrait Request

If you're interested in receiving free digital art of your pet, fill out our form. It's recommended that you upload pictures with relatively good lighting that show your pet's eye color.

You are more than welcome to provide a few images of your pet’s favorite place/toy, but please keep in mind that this does not guarantee that it will be included in the portrait. An artist may choose to use it as inspiration if they wish and, as stated previously, asking for specifics in the portrait is not allowed given that it is free.

Secondly, we don't judge pets here! We will draw your cute spiders, snakes, etc. We love all pets and are not exclusive to the more popular ones.

Please note that some artists may take longer than others to complete the piece, seeing as it's a no-stress and no-deadline environment. Pieces can take anywhere between a couple of weeks to a couple of months until they're ready to be sent out. Since we're currently a small team, please refrain from sending in multiple pet requests at once. After you've been e-mailed the art of the first request, you are more than welcome to submit a request for another pet you have. This also means that we will not be doing art of two (or more) pets together as it's too much work for free art.

Lastly, the art you get will be a surprise--meaning you won't know who your artist is until you receive the finished work. Please keep an eye on your spam folders- the finished piece will be emailed to you upon completion under the title “Art While Apart- Finished Commission”.

Pet Portrait Request Form

Fill out our form for the opportunity of receiving free digital art of your pet!

Disclaimer: personal information from portrait request forms is not released or used by anyone but Art While Apart staff. Some information may be kept in records for administrative purposes.

Through this consultation, AWA claims no legal or unique right to this artist and their art, nor the decision of the pet owner to go forth in this transaction.

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